Professional services

Whilst few estate agent branches have in-house survey and valuation expertise, Chris John & Partners offer a range of professional services relating to residential and commercial property. Our Chartered Surveyor & RICS Registered Valuer is a key member of the management team.

Independent survey reports

Your property purchase may be the single largest transaction you are ever likely to make.

When buying a property, your mortgage provider will commission a valuation. This is for lending purposes only, to make sure the property is worth what you have agreed to pay. This valuation is important, but it only gives part of the picture. It’s not a survey and it won’t go into detail about repairs that may be needed.

An Independent Survey from Chris John & Partners can be carried out at a competitive price. Our surveyor will make a careful assessment of the condition of the property, identify whether there are any significant problems and provide advice on work that may need to be carried out.

There are many instances where property surveys have helped clients negotiate a lower price. Infact a few hundred pounds for a professional survey could end up saving you thousands.

Valuation reports

We undertake valuations of residential and commercial property and land for secured lending through banks & building societies, for accounting purposes and for probate.

An accurate valuation should be the bedrock of any decision regarding property, and the key to reporting accurately is market knowledge. We can provide you with a well-researched valuation report that you can rely on. This is much more than simply reporting a figure, it means helping you understand all of the factors we have taken into account when reaching our valuation.

Investment and residential development advice

We regularly provide advice to developers and property investors on a wide range of residential development proposals including new build, conversions, build-to-let and buy-to-let.