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Guidance for new tenants

  • Rents for all properties are quoted exclusive of Water, Gas and Electricity & Council Tax unless otherwise stated.

  • All tenancies are granted on the basis of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, usually for six or twelve months duration in the first instance.

  • The granting of a Tenancy will be subject to an approved Employer (or Accountant) reference, and Landlord/Agent or Character references. A Character reference may be sought from a person of standing in the Community (Lawyer/Teacher/Doctor etc.) Credit checks may be required.

  • Proof of Identity is required at the time of application (Passport or Driving Licence / Visa/Work Permit if required)

  • An administration charge of £270.00 (£225 + VAT) is to be paid by the first applicant plus £90.00 [£75 +VAT] for each additional applicant. This is the applicant’s contribution towards the cost of setting up the tenancy, references and credit checks, preparing the Tenancy Agreement & Inventory. It is payable at the time of application. Until such time as referencing is complete, the sum paid shall be regarded as a Reservation Fee. If the applicant withdraws then the agent may retain a proportion of the charge in respect of the processing of the application and possibly the whole charge depending on work completed at the point of withdrawal.

  • If no Employer or Landlord reference is available, and for those in full time education, a Guarantor will be required for each applicant. Proof of income for each guarantor will be necessary and a credit check will be carried out. There will be an additional administration charge of £60.00 [£50 + VAT] per guarantor.

  • The Tenancy Deposit and the first months Rent must be paid upon the signing of the Tenancy Agreement. Keys will not be released until funds have cleared through our bank, so cash, banker’s draft, VISA Debit or bank transfer will be required in most instances. Personal cheques will not be accepted unless payment is made at least SEVEN DAYS before the tenancy commences.

  • A Tenancy Deposit equivalent to one months rent plus £100.00 is payable at the commencement of the Tenancy and is held for the duration of the tenancy. Where the property is under our management, the Deposit will be held by the Agent as Stakeholder between the parties, in an audited, ring-fenced ‘Client’ bank account set aside for this purpose. If the property is not managed by ourselves then the Deposit will be passed to the Landlord who is then responsible for arranging for it to be protected and for issuing the Prescribed Information (Housing Act 2004).

  • Rent is payable monthly in advance by standing order. Please take note that rent must be paid on the due date throughout the tenancy and the Deposit cannot be ‘used’ at the end of the tenancy in lieu of the final month’s rent.

  • Any late payment of rent puts your tenancy at risk. We recommend to our Landlord clients that they take legal advice and instruct a solicitor to gain possession of the property as soon as the rent is in arrears.

  • Where Chris John & Partners hold the Deposit we will operate in accordance with requirements under the Housing Act 2004 and with reference to the ARLA Code of Practice. The Deposit will be protected within the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS). It will be returned at the end of the tenancy as long as:-

    • All keys are returned
    • Valid forwarding addresses are given
    • There are no rent arrears
    • The property is thoroughly clean throughout and the garden (if any) is tidy
    • The inventory is complete and there is no damage to the property

    Where all the tenant’s obligations are met on the final day of the tenancy the deposit can be returned quickly. However should any deductions have to be considered then these will be communicated as soon as possible.

  • All signatories to a joint tenancy are jointly & severally responsible for all obligations including rent payments. Where there are joint tenants all notices and agreements will be addressed to all parties and signed by all parties. If one tenant falls into arrears, the Landlord may pursue the remaining tenants to secure payment.

  • Please note that you may only bring a pet onto any rented property with the express permission of the Landlord, and that smoking is prohibited.